When it is about hiring the cleaning service provider, there is something more important than cost. Yes, it is about the insured services. Polymaids feel proud to be one of the best quality cleaning service providers, that too with highest level of insurance in Chicago IL.

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If you are working with a company not proffering insurance, you need to re-think over your decision. Why? Consider the following cases:

1. The maid is performing her regular cleaning task for your home. Unfortunately, she slipped down the stairs and gets some serious injuries. You rush her to the doctor, but now who would pay for her medical bills?
2. On other hand, while she was cleaning your living room, that famous and antique painting, which you bought from the famous museum, gets broken by your cleaning lady? How would you recoup your loss?
Well, in both the cases, you would be safe only if you have tied up with a licensed, bonded and insured company. Else, for the first case you would be paying the huge hospital bills and for second, you will have none other option than regret of hiring a wrong company.

And that’s not all! We have something more…

Cancellation/ Rescheduling Policy:

Polymaids understand that you are stuck with your work. We simplify your half problem providing the best quality cleaning services, and for the rest half, we tend to make it according to your availability. So, now you have freedom to get your property cleaned as per your need.

Here’s a sneak peek at our cancellation/ rescheduling policy:

1. 36 hours notice: Polymaids requests a minimum of 36 hours cancellation or reschedule notice. Hence, whenever, for any reason, you need to reschedule or cancel your cleaning appointment, let us know as soon as possible. Being very strict with the 36 hour cancelation policy, we request you to please honor it.

For less than 36 hours cancellations, we charge a cancellation fee of $38!
2. $38 fee: We are certainly the most reasonable choice in Chicago IL. As far as the cancellation fee is considered, you need to pay it if:
• You call our office after business hours, i.e. after 7:00 p.m., leaving a message to cancel the appointment.
• Our staff reaches at your doorsteps, but for any reason are not able to clean your home. For example, due to some ongoing construction work or door is locked.

In case, the appointments are scheduled within time frame less than 36 hours before the actual appointment, it can be cancelled without any fee.

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We value your privacy…

When you are working with Polymaids, you can count on our excellent and 100% secured services.
• No duplicate keys.
• Guarantee for full discretion and security.
• Upon cancellation, we return the keys within five business days.
• Information collected is merely added to our database for future marketing efforts.
• No sharing or misuse of your personal information, like email address, phone number, etc. to third parties without your explicit consent.

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