Fill in the form bellow to cancel your appointment.
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We request a minimum of 36 hours cancellation or reschedule notice!


If for any reason, you have to cancel or reschedule your cleaning

appointment, please call us immediately.


We are very strict on our 36 hour cancellation policy, please honor it!
Less than 36 hours cancellations will be charged a cancellation fee of $60!


We will charge a $60 fee: If you, the customer, call our office after business hours, after 5:00 PM, and leave a message to cancel the appointment.
If our staff show up at your doorsteps and for any reason not able to clean your home. (Example: a locked door, the construction crew is not finished and you the customer have to turn them away) No exceptions!

Appointments scheduled within time frame less than 36 hours before the actual appointment can be cancelled without any fee !

The $60 fee is required in order to cancel a service in less than 36 hours. Email or Voicemail does not cancel your service.

Customer must complete this cancellation form, in order to cancel a cleaning service appointment.